Share your LiDAR application for a discount reward

Submit a winner technical or application write-up, video, or photograph featuring LightWare products, and we'll give you 10% off your next purchase.

Have you implemented a radical LiDAR application?

We'd like to share your work with the aim of assisting other users with LightWare product evaluation, integration and problem solving.



       First, submit your proposal for a product specific submission, or request a pre-approved submission topic to
        Once you have topic approval, complete your write-up, video or photograph and submit it to us for approval.
        When you have submission approval, post your work to: DIY DronesARDUPILOTHACKADAY, or uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.
        Send us the link to your post, or the high resolution photograph and we'll reward your effort with a discount voucher.

We look forward to hearing about your LightWare LiDAR application!

Terms and conditions

  1. Topics need to be pre-approved to avoid duplications and ensure usefulness to other users.
  2. Write-ups and videos must be of good quality both in content and presentation (high resolution), and of adequate length (1 to 4 minutes duration).
  3. Pure product reviews do not qualify.
  4. LightWare’s approval of submissions is discretionary and final.
  5. Discount vouchers may not be used in combination with other discounts.
  6. Discount vouchers are only applicable to purchases on LightWare’s online store and not via other distribution channels.
  7. This offer does not apply to customers, distributors and resellers with discount structures.
  8. Once approved, write-ups, videos and photographs may not be deleted at any time, without the prior written approval from LightWare.
  9. Upon submission, you grant LightWare the unrestricted use of the content, graphics and photographs regardless of when the discount voucher is utilized.